The zits on your body all happen to be related to a particular kind of acne. This means that it won’t make any sense for you to try the same skincare treatment for all the different kinds of acne because each type has to be treated in a unique manner.

The first thing that you should do after an acne breakout is finding out what kind of acne you have and how to overcome it properly.

Here are the 4 most common types of acne that we all had to deal with them at least once in a lifetime:

Hormonal breakout

Most of us do not realize that breakouts are not random but they actually occur according to a particular schedule. A hormonal breakout normally affects a person’s mouth, chin or even the jaws and over time it can become worse, especially seven days ahead of a woman’s periods.

To reduce the severity of the condition, it makes sense for you to treat the condition proactively. The best way to treat hormonal acne is by taking good care of your skin and by using preventive measures on a daily basis.

Cystic acne

Cystic acne is the second most common type of acne. It occurs because of severe bacterial infection, which clogs up the pores in your skin. When this happens, whiteheads will form or you may develop pustules or even pimples.

Cysts are a bad form of a whitehead and look like tiny boils that develop beneath the skin. Cystic acne is actually pretty hard to deal with, but the good news is, it can be treated. It can also cause scarring, which is why it pays to treat it at the earliest.

The best option available to those who want to overcome this type of acne is preventing it from happening in the first place. This is possible if you keep the pores clean and free of clogs.

If you need to treat this type of acne, the main thing you should think about using an acne treatment that contains L-carnitine, as it is very good at removing blockages in the oil glands.

There are other treatment options available too, including using glycolic as well as lactic acids that help in exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin from the clogged pores.


Blackheads are another common type of acne. This kind of acne problem develops whenever the oil glands become blocked.

Normally, blackheads happen because of a problem with your oil chemistry. This oil chemistry problem prevents the oils from flowing freely through the pores and that leads to a blockage and subsequent blackheads.

The best way to treat this condition is by steaming and treating with a moisturizer that does not contain any oils in it. Using a pore-cleaning mask twice or thrice a week also helps in overcoming blackheads.


Whiteheads are the fourth most common type of acne. This type of acne develops as soon as a flat acne condition becomes infected or inflamed. A whitehead normally appears as white-colored pus in a raised area on your skin.

The best way to overcome this kind of acne is by using a spot treatment that helps to diminish the red colored acne. If you want to get rid of a whitehead in a hurry then you should use any medication that contains sulfur in it. Sulfur is good at controlling the oils that would otherwise permit bacteria to thrive under your skin.



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