Anyone who suffers from acne knows that washing their skins with skincare products can do them good as well as bad. You may wonder are your skincare products causing more acne? The simple truth is that if you use a skincare product that does not work well with your skin then the skincare product can actually cause more acne.

Skins react differently

Typically, acne manifests it as either a pimple or a blackhead. As soon as you notice these blemishes on your skin you may be tempted to try the first available medicated face wash product that claims to get rid of acne. The truth, however, is different because we need to keep in mind the fact that skincare products can react differently depending on your skin type.


There are far too many products that we use to treat acne that is supposed to get rid of the excess oil our sebaceous glands produce. Your skin will only remain healthy provided it is capable of producing enough of the skin oil called sebum. This wonder oil protects as well as hydrates your complexion and it will also make your skin glow and look more attractive.

Sebum is like a waterproofing shield that when it comes up to the surface of your skin will prevent water from entering your skin. At the same time, it also traps as well as prevents moisture from leaving your skin. In this way, it acts as a barrier of fats that are not dissoluble in water.

Dry skin

It is important to keep the skin dry, but we should not allow the skin to become too dry, as that will cause further breakouts and it also retards the condition of your skin and makes it look old.

Unless you use the right skin care product, you will not be able to prevent further dryness of the skin.

Know your skin

Everyone has a unique skin. Thus, it is hard to say what skincare products will work for your skin and which ones will cause more acne. The first thing that you need to do before using a skincare product is found out what kind of skin you have and how certain ingredients can have a bad effect on your skin. As a general rule, it makes sense to trust skincare products that have a non-comedogenic label on them. At the same time, we also gravitate towards using skincare products that do not contain any oils in them.

Alcohol, mineral oil, and SLS

Ideally, when choosing your skincare product you need to look at three ingredients that can have an ill effect on your skin. Alcohol is one ingredient that can actually make your skin go dry. So, try to avoid skincare products that contain benzyl, ethanol or methanol as well as isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. Secondly, you need to also check whether a skincare product has mineral oil in it. This oil is obtained from petroleum and is a major reason why on application it can clog up the pores in your skin and cause more acne.

So, try and avoid products that contain mineral oil. Finally, you need to look at products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is commonly known as SLS. This ingredient can cause irritation to the skin as well as to the eyes. It is also toxic to your body organs. So, avoid products with SLS in them.

We don’t want to use any skincare product that can cause more acne. To play it safe it makes sense to use skincare products that contain herbal ingredients as they are safe to use and they do not cause any side effects. What’s more, just a mild treatment can do wonders for your skin and acne.


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