The type of skin you have is important in choosing everything from the color and type of make-up base, lipstick color, cleanser we use, even the colors of clothes and hair you choose to wear. There are so many daily choices based on skin type, we have devised a way to determine yours!

Skin types generally vary between oily, dry, and what we call combination skin. Learning which skin type you have is important in helping you choose the right products to use. You can find products that will enhance the look and quality of your skin and won’t cause breakouts

To determine your skin type answer these 3 easy questions.

ANSWERS:    A) Always    B) sometimes C) never

  • Does your skin remain oily throughout the day? (oily skin)
  • Does your face feel tight and dry most of the time? (dry skin)
  • Does your face feel tight but look shiny or feel slick? (combination)

If you answered ALWAYS to any question, that is your skin type. If you answered SOMETIMES to more than on question you have combination skin.

Now that you know have determined you skin type, it will be easier to choose the best skin cleanser, moisturizer, and make up for you. Choosing the correct products for your face is important. If you have oily skin you want products that will help eliminate that to avoid potential breakouts. If you suffer from dry skin, drying it out more can cause wrinkles and other skin problems. Combination skin needs to find the right types of products to avoid pushing their skin type to one extreme or the other- by using a product that makes it too dry or too oily.

Another boon to understanding your skin type is giving you the ability to care for your skin in the right way. Proper care not only prevents breakouts, but allows you to make choices that help in the prevention of wrinkles or age spots, and keep the illusion of fresh young skin. Take care of the skin you are in!  Develop a care regimen based on your skin type today.

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