We all experience under eye bags and wrinkles, but why?  It is not just a result of old age.  These lines can form from over-partying, too much sun, and lack of good rest, not keeping your skin clean, or the body’s natural ability to lower production of collagen and elastins in the face.

There are some simple ways to minimize these unsightly wrinkles using things you probably already have:

Using moisturizer

A good moisturizer for clean skin each morning and night, especially one that contains estrogen will aid in the production of collagen and will help keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! 

Get a lot of exercises! Recent studies at a university in Ontario have shown that getting active and engaging in a daily exercise regimen can actually make your skin look younger!  Middle-aged couch potatoes were convinced to participate in a daily excise program.

After a few months, their skin was noticeably younger looking and natural production of collagen was high.

Vitamins help, too

Don’t forget your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Not only do vitamins help keep skin healthy, antioxidants help reduce free radicals, a known cause of wrinkles and aging skin. You don’t have to take pills, look for foods high in vitamins and minerals. A, C, & E will actually slow down the aging process on your skin.

Not only is it important to eat your fruits and veggies, sometimes you should wear them!! Coconut oil is a wonderful product to use on your skin.  It helps with the formation of new skin cells because it contains vitamins E & A, which help produce collagen.  This oil also contains antioxidants and will help to soften it naturally.

Orange juice has long been hailed for its wrinkle removing properties. Use a cotton ball to apply a layer of orange juice around the eye area twice a day for best results.

The cooling power of Cucumbers can help lessen puffiness under your eyes, and avocados are a natural source of vitamin A, a great source of Retinol.

Honey can help improve elastins in the skin, and keep your complexion clean and smooth.


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