There are certain reasons why human beings age so fast. Smoking is one reason why a person starts to age so quickly. Eating overcooked foods also contributes to rapid aging. People who don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables will also age faster. Exposing the skin to the dangerous UV rays of the sun is yet another reason why people age faster than they should.

Proven ways to look younger

The good news is that there are proven ways to look younger than your age. Experts are coming up with new ways to retard the pace at which we age. This means that if you use these new methods, it becomes possible to look younger than your age. The number one reason why we age so quickly is that our bodies are not able to produce enough natural hormones. Also, our skins stop receiving the right amount of blood, which results in the skin not getting enough of the natural hormones made by the body. When this happens we start to age rapidly.


Estrogen has the ability to greatly retard the aging process. This is why one of the best ways to look younger than age is by applying natural estrogen on the skin. Also, when a woman enters the menopausal age her body stops producing enough estrogen, and when that happens there will be an increase in the aging process. Estrogen, on the other hand, can prevent the skin from aging. Not only that but it also increases the thickness of the skin and it even keeps the skin suitably moist.

Dermatologists recommend estrogen as it can significantly reduce the aging process. Estrogen is responsible for increasing collagen synthesis. The opposite of collagen synthesis is collagen atrophy. Collagen atrophy plays a significant role in the aging process. Thus, if the body loses collagen it will not be able to stop the aging process while if there is sufficient collagen then the aging process can be retarded dramatically.

Sagging tissue production

Another reason why the skin ages are because more sagging tissues are produced and the skin also starts to lose its elasticity. As we age, our skins become fragile. This, in turn, makes the skin more liable to develop lacerations and bruises. The right amount of collagen, on the other hand, helps to keep the skin thick and elastic. Furthermore, collagen in the correct quantities is known to decrease the pace at which the skin dries up.

So, if you want to look younger than age then you will need to use estrogen to revitalize your skin. Topical estrogen creams can work wonders in retarding the pace of skin aging. In fact, women who used topical estrogen creams found that their skins became thicker as well as more elastic after just four months of use. Estriol also helps to keep the skin firm and elastic. It also keeps the skin moist. More importantly, it quickens the pace at which the skin heals. Estriol tells the cells to make more collagen. When collagen is produced in sufficient quantities the skin starts to look young.

Alternative solutions

However, there are other ways to look younger than age. For example, you can take certain proteins that are known to provide the required raw materials to produce collagen. Other ways to look younger than your age include restoring the youthful moistness of your skin. In addition, if you are able to grow the skin cell energy uptake it becomes possible to retard the pace at which the skin ages.


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